100,000 Meal Love Story!

One area of great challenges here in Honduras working with the poor and most vulnerable is resources. At Manos Extendidas we believe that God has called all believers to be “…fishers of men” (Matt. 4:19). Of course, in order to fish, you need a “location”, for us it is here in Tegucigalpa with the poorest and most vulnerable, and you need “bait”. The “bait” for us here is education, sports and food. It really begins with “food”, as it is very difficult to get a person’s attention (gain a hearing for the Word) when all they can think about are the hunger pains in their belly! That is where the “100,000 Meal Love Story” comes in. God stirred and placed the vision in the hearts of Director Scott Wood and the Boaz Lighthouse Ministries team to have greater impact with the vulnerable & poor they serve in Haiti & Honduras. The goal is seeking to raise enough money ($50,000CDN) to buy 100,000 meals and splitting whatever is raised equally between Haiti & Honduras. We are believing that God is behind, and in. this endeavor! Our prayer is that you (many) will catch the vision and partner with us as we love-on and “fish for men, women, youth and children” here in Honduras!

Update on the 100,000 Meal Love story … as of today, 28,000 meals have been committed! We want to thank all who helped and supported us in this goal.

It has been such a blessing to be able to provide more meals for those who are living on the streets and the families that we serve!