Honduras is known for its coffee! Me, I love starting my day with a fresh cup of my favorite tea but I could not drink it if it wasn’t for my friends in Canada. This tea is only packaged in New Brunswick. I am so thankful that I have enough tea to last me a year. What a gift for me! Better yet I love drinking it from a homemade clay mug with a starfish on it. My friend gave it to me for Christmas to remind me of the ocean. I am Loved!

I need to tell you what has been on my heart these days. Each morning when I sip my tea I think of all the people I know and how they have made an imprint on my heart. How these people have helped shape me into the person I have become.

This morning I am thinking of all the teachers I had for they helped change my future. If children do not receive education, there is no hope for a changed future.

I am seeing this here in Honduras.

The other day I went to the Manos Extendidas preschools with a couple of friends from Canada that are visiting us. I saw a familiar boy sitting in front of a shack bent over writing in a book. This boy for the last 2 years has been in the Manos pre-school. Now being 6 he needs to go to the public school. His mother came to me with tears in her eyes and asked if I found a sponsor because they could not afford to send him to school.

For only $39 a month or the amount of one cup your favorite tea-coffee that you drink first thing in the morning to start your day can help change the future of a child.

My goal is to find 35 sponsors this year for the new students at our pre-school.

Will you take the challenge?

My friends Janice and Peter took the challenge. Adrian starts school on Monday! Yesterday he was at the pre-school receiving his first hot nutritional lunch!

Education is the most important gift a child can receive.

God is Good!