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To  YOU our , Family, Friends & Supporters,

Since our last post. Our last week in Tegucigalpa before going off to language school was an eventful one….

Street Ministry – We went to the streets twice with the Manos team and visitors from the orphanage in Guaimaca, taking food and sweaters, thanks to the resources provided by our LifeBridge family. During our 2 visits to the streets in the evening, we fed over 300, mostly children & youth, living on the streets of Teguc.

Girls Prison – We shared in a worship service at the girls prison. Anna shared her testimony, I preached and Nelly translated. When the invitation to pray to receive Christ was given, 4 girls prayed and another 3 girls prayed to rededicate their lives to Jesus. PRAISE THE LORD!

Worship & Prayer Conference – The day before we left to go to language school we took part in the first day of a 2 day prayer & worship conference at a small church just outside the town of Guiamaca. Once we finally got started (after 90 mins of technical difficulties) we were blessed to participate and support the work of this local church and community. I had been asked to share and Nelly invited Anna up unprepared to again share her testimony. God was definitely at work!

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Our last 3 weeks have been spent in Siguatepeque, Honduras, about a 2 hour drive from Tegucigalpa, at language school. What can we say about our experience so far attempting to learn a second language (Spanish) at our age, mmmmm…

Language School – Well, for starters, the first 3 weeks of our 3 month commitment have been spent at the Spanish Institute of Honduras. It is an excellent Christian language school, with very good, devoted teachers, staff and owners. The teachers are consistently kind and are very patient. Our classes run from 8:00am-12:00pm, Monday to Friday. After lunch it is usually 2 to 4 hours of study, a walk, maybe grocery shopping, supper and typically early to bed. We had the opportunity to go on our first field trip to the local downtown Market. Wow! What an adventure we had. The market is in the heart of the city and a beehive of activity among the multitude of shops and people.  As we walked around, the word we heard from almost every shopkeeper as we walked by was we heard was “buscar”  (search for…). Guess they were just trying to help! We both had our first “progress test” after finishing our first workbook module and in case you are wondering Anna had the highest mark 97% & Gordon had 92%.

Cultural Adjustments –  We are becoming more settled into our new culture. On our almost daily excursions into the community, to the mall, for coffee, or during our walks, we are becoming a little more comfortable all the time. More than once we have (Anna has) been approached by a child who obviously wants to practice their English on us.  Anna loves this and the children are drawn to her, as always, because they can somehow tell that she loves to interact with them and can always make them smile. Gordon had his first haircut and said it felt like he was at a spa (LOL…not that he has any experience at spas he wants you to understand). Hondurans work hard and take pride in that all they do!

Personally – We have been missing the snow! Even without it, Christmas is definitely coming! We live by a local Christian school and the other night they had their Christmas concert. It was great to hear the school band playing some of the familiar Christmas songs we know. Many of the houses are decorated with festive trees and brightly coloured lights hanging in the windows. Had fun going out into the Sigua community singing Christmas carols with the students and friends of our language school!

Christmas – For us, has always been about “Sharing The Love Of Jesus!” We are so blessed to be able to share His Love here…to remember the Forgotten Ones…to share the Gospel….to be Jesus’ Hands & Feet.


Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

From your almost Geriatric Adventurers for Jesus,

Gordon & Anna

BGCC Missionaries to Honduras