On a Monday visit to the girls’ jail, I went into one of the rooms and a girl had a cloth in her hand. I saw that she was holding something very gently. It was a small bird that had hurt its leg. The girl said that she wanted scissors to cut the birds wings. Of course I asked why? The girl said, “so it can stay here with me!”

I said, “If you cut the wings of the bird it would not have freedom to fly where it wanted to go and it would become depressed and probably die.” I told her that they (the girls) are like that bird, broken in ways that have hindered their ability to walk. Then I told them that God restores brokenness, both physical & spiritual. That they should give the bird a chance. The end of this story… I walked down the stairs with the girl and as she opened her hands I watched the bird start to take flight. We, like the bird and like the girls in the prison, are wanting freedom from the prison within. God is the one who makes that possible! Dios es Bueno!