Did you know that you can help us in a a very unique, simple, and practical way?

One of our “big-ticket” items in getting to Honduras and for us “ongoing” as missionaries will be travel…our plane tickets.  You can help us in a very tangible and painless way simply by helping us to collect AIR MILES reward miles!

We ahve this durable, business card available that you can keep in your wallet and every time you purchase products where AIR MILES are rewarded…you can add those miles to our personal AIR MILES account!  Out AIR MILES will accumulate much faster if we have many people helping the account grow.

We would be happy to mail you one or more of these cards so you, your family, and your friends can all get involved in this way. It is also a great way to share with cashiers what this special card is all about and how these “miles” will change the lives of children and families in Honduras.  Join us in the journey!