What a way to start a New Year!

This morning I received a letter from a young lady who had just graduated from high school and from our Manos Extendidas Child Sponsorship Program. As I read this letter tears streamed down my face. What an honor it was to have her in the program. Carolina is her name. When she entered the program at the age of 4 her sponsor chose her because she has the same first name. When speaking with her sponsor she told me that Carolina became a part of her family. She got to watch her grow physically, emotionally and spiritually through the letters and photos that were sent to her. And the Carolina’s prayed for each other. I got to know Carolina one day when I brought her to my house to help her set up her printer. Then we started chatting through Facebook. She is a very sweet girl. Her dream is to be a Computer Web Designer. But she told me that right now she has to put her dreams on hold and help her parents first.

Here is the letter she wrote to me in Spanish, translated:

I will start by saying that I thank God for the sponsor He gave me when I was just a child, I still remember when my mother didn’t have much food to give us and when the blessing came that we found out that my brother and I were sponsored. What a great blessing! With the help of the sponsor’s donations we were able to receive our school supplies each year and our hot lunch. I was so happy! I remember that I had never had a doll because at that time my father barely had enough money for food. It was my sponsor who gave me my first doll. That was so special for me! For almost 13 years I was sponsored by the same lady. This helped me a lot and was a great value for my family. We are very grateful for Manos Extendidas and for my sponsor who chose me and became a part of my childhood. It was because of her sponsorship that I was able to graduate with a degree in Computer knowledge.

My advice to the youth, is always be grateful for everything that you have and for your sponsors because as they give, God blesses the person who gives and the person who receives. Sponsors give from their heart. We are children of my Father God. So, remember, that as we give and bless others from our heart, God returns those blessings back to us. So, I am thankful to God for everything and I am so happy to be a part of Manos Extendidas!