I look forward to Monday mornings when I get to start my week with my girls. Today as I entered the jail I received a warm welcome hug from one of the workers and then was escorted to a room for a quick pat down. I was then free to enter for the visit.

Today I mostly spent my time in the teaching hair salon, talking with the girls and the worker. I was asked if one of the girls could paint my nails for it was her first time learning how to do it. Sure! I said I love to be pampered.

As we sat and chatted, I found out that three girls were released since I was away to the conference in Dallas last week. I always get emotional when I hear that girls are being released. Sometimes with joy and sometimes with great sadness. I have joy when I know that the girl has changed on the inside of her heart and yet sad when I see a broken hearted one who is not ready to change but gets out. Oh how I pray for the breaking of their chains.

I love ministering with the girls. I get to watch as their hearts heal and forgiveness takes over as they draw closer to the Lord. One of the girls I have been mentoring for over a year has been released. What a joy it has been for me to watch her turn into a beautiful butterfly. To be able to start fresh in the eyes of Jesus.

Please pray with me for protection of the girls inside and out of the jail.

For their future, families, mostly that they stay grounded in the Love of Jesus.