On Monday I had the privilege with 5 other ladies of Manos Extendidas Church to visit some families whose children are in the Child Sponsorship Program.
We started our walk around 12 and were very thankful that there was a slight breeze in the air and each step we took made an imprint on the dusty road. As we walked we were greeted by onlookers. Each saying “Hola!”
We all were welcomed with opened arms and hearts in each homes.
There was lots of laughter and tears. It is through the tears that showed Nelly that prayers needed to be lifted up.
We all join hands in a circle and Nelly prayed. When she finish we hug the woman and felt peace within her.
At one of the homes we visit there was a friend of the lady that stopped by to get her hair done.
Nelly saw that the friend was very upset. Nelly asked one of the children to get her book bag. She then asked the the children to go outside and fill it with rocks. Nelly asked the lady who was upset to stand up and turn around. With both hands Nelly placed the bag on the lady’s back. The bag was so heavy that the lady started to fall backwards. Nelly said,”feel this weight?” Right now your heart has the same heaviness. You have so much pain. Your heart has become harden. You have to forgive to heal. Nelly reached into the book bag and took out a jagged rock. With each rock she took out she prayed for healing in an areas which had become a stumbling block in the lady’s life. These blocks were making her full of sorrow. As I stood back and watched Nelly take out a rock and placed it onto the floor. I noticed some were becoming wet from the drops of tears coming from the woman. As Nelly started to empty the bag and prayed. The lady started to stand up straight the rocks became dry her tears have stopped.  For so many years she carried that load. Imagine all it took to release the heavy-heartedness is to give her pain to Jesus.
How many jagged rocks are you collecting? Have you built a wall with those rocks so high that nobody can see the real you.
Jesus wants to take all the burden you have that is making your heart harden and set you free!
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed
 John 8:36