It is 7:30, New Years Eve. We had just arrived at the girl’s jail. We roll our darken windows down so the guard sees our faces. The guard welcomes us with a big smile and opens the door for us. We sign in and wait for Nelly.

 We see that one of the guards has left and went up to the girls. A moment later we hear loud giggling and in harmony we heard them calling our names Papi Gordon, Anna venga! (come)

While I waited for Nelly and her friends to sign in I went with a guard and walk in the darken court area the only dim lights that I saw were coming from the cells on the second floor. I see hands reaching through the bars and waving at me.

 As our group climbs the stairs my heart starts to beat faster. It has been almost 4 months since I saw the girls. I have missed them! The guard walks in front to unlock the door on the outside and the guard on the inside is unlocking the door. I am the first one to enter. I just get in and girls are runny towards me giving me hugs, kisses and yes runny their hands through my hair.

I search the room for a couple of the girls and was told that they were in their room. I walked down the hall stopping to give hugs and kisses to reach out arms. As I enter the last room my heart was overjoyed when I saw the girls. One of the girls came up to my back and wrapped her arms around me and gave me the biggest bear hug. I turned around and saw tears in her eyes. She says “Mommy Anna I have missed you and love you very much!” As we hug I prayed for her.

What happened next was a God moment. We all meet in the large room that every wall was decorated with bible verses and a big 3foot mosaic sign of the word JESUS. Nelly gave out 15 red shirts. Christian music starts and the 15 girls get in 3 lines. They started dancing, synchronizing beautifully while worshiping the lord.

Gordon and I had the opportunity to speak. We told them that they are loved by so many and that prayers are being lifted up for them. As we spoke we heard and saw fireworks that was going on outside the walls ringing in the New Year.

God is shinning His light in a darken place. Healing hearts, Growing hearts! As a New Year starts today, I pray that you will continue to pray for the girls and the team of Manos Extendidas.


Anna & Gordon

Servants of Jesus.