We have been in Canada for over a month, driven over 4000km visiting friends and supporters in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and now in western Canada. Seeing friends and family reminded us the importance of relationships and how much we missed our loved ones. We cherish their love & warm hugs! We have had great experiences travelling across Canada, if you want to know the funniest one, well…ask Anna. 
We had a bit of a scare early on at a doctor’s visit upon returning to Canada. The good news is a spot on Gordon’s face is going to be removed and treated when we come back east. Praise the Lord!
Fall is our favorited season! Canada is truly a magnificent free land, with great opportunities and beautiful sights including those colourful trees, wow! Oh how we wish we could bottle it up and take it with us when we go back (home) to Honduras, the country we have grown to love! 
 We have visited several churches, giving an update on what the Lord is doing in and through us in Honduras. We are looking forward to being fully supported in this ministry that we are so passionate about!
For almost 2 years, three days a week Anna has visited the girl’s youth jail. She is able to mentor the girls. One girl that touched her heart was Mary. Mary was in one of the local gang. Anna was able to counsel her, pray with her. Then was with her when she excepted the Lord into her heart. Mary has since been released.
We are beginning the process to renew our calling with the BGCC, this time as long-term missionaries. We are filled with excitement, anticipation & trepidation to continue pursuing Jesus’ call & will, to be His Hands & Feet in Honduras!
Maybe you have not joined our support team yet…we would love to have you help us reach those in Honduras that God is leading us to serve.

As of today we are $800/month short of our needed support to return to the mission field. We are looking for 16 people who would be willing to support us each month at $50/month or 8 people to give $100/month or 32 people to give $25.
Your support makes an eternal difference in so many precious lives
 So many of you have invested by praying, encouraging, giving financially and even visiting. Thank you! You are truly great friends and wonderful brothers & sisters in Christ!
We are asking for you to Pray for… 
·      Safe Travels
·      Good Health
·      Energy 
·      New Financial Partners
Please contact us at: gwmackenzie@gmail.com anna53marie@gmail.com

We would love to chat with you and share our passion and how you can join our important ministry to Honduras!

           Trust in the Lord with all your heart
             and lean not on your own understanding;
              in all your ways submit to him,
             and he will make your paths straight.
                                                               Proverbs 3:5-6