Have you ever seen the inside of a jail? A jail for girls from ages 13-18 years? Let me paint a picture for you.

Each day around 9:00am the girls gather together for devotion time. It is held in a large grey room that has very little light. Often, in the distance, I can faintly hear Christian music being played. I watch as the girls enter with smiles on their faces and one by one each girl reaches out and takes hold of a hand of an other girl to form a circle.

As the volume of the music goes up and the girls start to slowly rock side to side singing in harmony. Tears start to flow, and hands rise up to the heavens. All praising the Lord in worship. Each morning one of the girls are asked to to lead prayer and bible study. In the prayers, the girls often thank Jesus for saving, loving, and forgiving them.

Today Mommy Nelly (leader of Manos Extendias) spoke on “Who is in you?” She shared that, “If you feel a knock on your heart, open it because it is Jesus and He wants to come in your life,and have control of it.” Nelly reminds them that they came in here (jail) because of Satan….”You have been letting him control your life. STOP LISTENING to him. He is full of lies. He brings you sadness. Listen to the one who speaks the truth! Answer Jesus when he knocks on your heart.He will bring you so much peace & joy!”

Bible verses are read by the girls. I was asked if I wanted to share. I Reminded the girls that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by Jesus. I told them that Jesus has amazing plans for them, as Jeremiah 29:11 says.  I told them how proud I was of their changed hearts, and that they should not look back in their past put to press on towards healing and the future with Jesus. I encouraged them to shine their lights for Jesus, with others,  so they can walk closer with Jesus!

Out of darkness comes light! I have witnessed this change in many of these girls. They are no longer victims of Satan..they are daughters of Christ! Dios es bueno!

Pray for us as we share our lives and faith with them! Pray for the girls as they seek to move forward in their lives.   Pray that they would learn to listen to and obey the voice of Jesus!