Did you ever just need a hug? My Grandmother gave the best hugs! She would say “hi dear, come here”! Then with both of her arms she would warp them around me and say, “I Love you!” That is how she showed her love! I became a hugger early in life because of her.

Since coming to Honduras almost 4 years ago, I find I give more hugs when I work in street ministry, loving on forgotten homeless youth. Nothing touches my heart like hearing Mommy Anna! When the youth come close, I open my arms and wrap my arms around them.

One of these youth is A…whom I first met in the girls jail, then I met living on the streets.  It breaks my heart to see her so high from sniffing glue. A couple of months ago I saw her sitting on a dirty worn out mattress full of holes with cockroaches on it. I went to her, sat down and handed her a cup of soup. A… was so high that she could not open her hand or drink the juice. A friend from church came and started to spoon feed her, some of the juice dribbled down her mouth, then my friend took the sleeve of his shirt and wiped it clean.

When she ate all she could, she fell on my lap and said, “mommy Anna thank you for loving me”.  I wrapped my arms around her and prayed for her life to be healed. A… and I talked about her son who was living with her mom, her eyes lit up as she spoke of him. “Anna I love my son so much but how can i get off the streets. I need help!”

I told her to go home!

Last week I saw A… back on the streets. She was clean and not high. I asked her where has she been for a couple of weeks. She said “I was with my mom and son. Oh Anna you should see him!” I asked “why are you back on the streets?”  “Anna I need to be here!”, she responded.

Once again I opened my arms and wrapped them tightly around her and say te amo! (I love you)

I am praying that A… leaves the street and is able to give love freely to her son.

Because loves changes everything!