One of the things that teams ask when they are coming on a mission trip to Manos Extendidas is “What are we going to see?” Our answer is always the same…

When you come to Honduras come planning to see through Jesus’ eyes. See what Jesus sees here! Not as the world sees. Than you will see How Great Our God is!

For one month straight we and Manos Extendidas have been busy hosting teams.  We had the honor to partner with individuals and teams. Taking our visitors to different Manos Extendidas ministries, churches and activities.

We love having first-time visitors come. To watch as they become Jesus hands & feet, sharing love & hugs. Reaching the forgotten with love & compassion. Meeting God daily and living-out Jesus’ words in Matthew 25 :40 “Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.

This week we had a team from Michigan USA. There were 7 men and 3 women. All first-timers visiting Honduras. The team served with love & compassion and tears, hugs and prayers. It was wonderful to hear the many ways God met and worked through this group. We love partnering with God and others in the work he is doing here in Honduras!

Thursday this week with the team we visited the Hospital Escuela (the teaching hospital) to bless the new moms & babies with gifts & prayers. We found out that Love & Worship can overcome all things, including language barriers. For example, Terri, a lady on the visiting team was walking by a room when she heard and she saw a young girl in labor, crying holding on to her stomach. Terri went in, reached out and held the trembling hand of the new mother to be. To calm the girl down Terri started to take deep breathes and showed the girl how to do it. Later when Terri came out of the room we stood by the window watching the girl take deep breathes with each contraction. My heart was full of joy as we stood there watching, knowing that God had sent Terri into that room, at just the right time, to be His comforting hands. We waited for the nurse to wheel her to the delivery room and as she passed by, Terri said (with words & signs), “I will be praying for you!”. This new, scared 18 year old mom understood. I (we) believe she experienced the love & presence of God that day because we were there to serve.

I have a challenge for you. In all you do, in every situation, ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” Then…DO IT!! Just ask Him and He will show you!