We are finished Spanish school…finally! Each day was a new adventure! We are feeling more confident in communicating with others. Sometimes we still get tongue-tied, or can’t seem to understand a word they are saying, but it is good to be able to laugh at our mistakes. We enjoyed learning about the culture, making many new and lasting friendships and even trying new food with our teachers. Mmmmmmmm…pupusas!!

We were blessed to have been at such a great school, the Spanish Institute of Honduras! We so enjoyed our time at this school owned, operated and taught by Christ-followers.

IMG_1452I (Anna) had the opportunity to visit 2 local schools. One was a private bilingual school that my teacher’s children went to. When she walked in the courtyard all the children came up to her and said “hi, how are you!” I found that when learning a different language, it is better to speak very slowly and to listen carefully (both are challenges for me at times – haha). My other school visit was at a school for handicapped children. It was great and I was able to interact with the students and teacher. I even had the chance to make a game for a couple of the classes. The game, often used to teach elementary students in Canada, is called “kaboom”. I just loved watching the students smile as they learned. I felt so at-home in the classrooms, especially after having spent almost 20 years as a Teacher’s Assistant in Canada. It was such a fun afternoon!

I (Gordon) was blessed to have had the opportunity to make so many new friends and ministry connections during my time at school. Also, it seemed that opportunities to pastor and counsel frequently occurred, in many different situation. Many Tuesday nights I was also blessed to have had the privilege of leading the weekly small group Bible Study for the students of our Spanish school and occasionally serve communion. Wonderful opportunities and such a privilege to serve, encourage and bless God’s people!

It was so difficult, as we prepared our move to the mission field in the city, to say goodbye to our friends. We feel so, so blessed to have had this time to learn and serve at the same time, especially with such an amazing group of people! God is good!