We have been in beautiful, picturesque Canada travelling for almost 3 mths, driving over 15,000 kms. Sharing the vision for the work in Honduras with churches, groups, individuals & families. The journey in Eastern Canada, stretched from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia and Quebec. In Western Canada from Edmonton and points in Alberta to British Columbia, then from Alberta eastward, all the way to Thunder Bay & Fort Frances and back to Edmonton.

So many have opened their hearts & homes to us. We appreciate them ALL! So many new friendships started and old friendships strengthened. Just two examples (of many):

Christine and Greg in Edmonton…We first met them in Edmonton, then had them with us in Honduras and now again here in Edmonton (Canada). We have been so blessed by their friendship and willingness to offer their home in Edmonton as a home-away-from-home base for us during our time in Western Canada. We love and appreciate them (Anna loves her new knitting-buddy). We value their investment in the Kingdom of God, in Honduras and in us!

Diane in Thunder Bay…Anna was adopted by as a new little sister by our retired friend, talking and laughing, sometimes even finishing each other’s sentences. We love and admire Diane, who faithfully visits her husband every day now that they are living apart and he is living in a nursing home. So neat to see her eyes light up whenever she spoke of him. Such an amazing example of Christian love & marriage! We feel deeply blessed to call her friend!

During our 3 months of traveling we have been learning (sometimes “re-learning”) some very powerful lessons:

  • God will never let us see around corners
  • Ministry Happens – Wherever You are!
  • Trust God – He knows the plan for our lives and He is our Protector & Provider
  • Relationships Matter – Time, Care & Attention (aka Love) really matter!
  • Prayer is Vital

Ministry & Prayer updates from Honduras:

  • We received word recently from Honduras saying that 6 of the girls in the prison for teenage girls (12-18 yrs) gave their hearts to the Lord. Awesome!! Answers to prayers!
  • Evangelism & Discipleship continue in the teen boys prison, Renaciendo.
  • Resources (People & Financial) are needed for the development of Transition Homes for Christian teens (boys & girls) exiting the prisons.
  • Mission Team planning is ongoing for the coming year.

Financial Update:

  • We are getting close to our goal (need) of $1,000 in new monthly support!
  • A few more Onetime Gifts & New Monthly Supporters are still needed!

(Please Note: A fuller financial update will be forthcoming)

Praise the Lord! We have been so Blessed!

Thank you for Partnering & Praying!