I want to tell you about our friend John. We met John a year ago while
driving to church on a damp, drizzled day. We saw him bend over
routing through a pile of garbage. Sitting beside him was a very
skinny dog. John was ripping bags open to collect the recyclable
items. When he found food he would share it with the dog. We could see
that John cared for his friend, and was very hungry. A couple of times
he would reach in his coat and take out a bottle and put it close to
his nose, then he would take a deep breath in. We knew what was in the
bottle it was shoe glue.
As we slowly drove past him our eyes met. I said hold on Gordon as I
reached in my bag to retrieve an orange. I called John over to the
car, asked his name and then asked if he wanted the orange? He raised
his hands to God and said thank you God!
This is when our friendship started. Every time we went to church
after that day we made sure there were sandwiches for John. Every time
he said thank you. One day as we handed him the food he walked over to
were other men were sitting and he shared with them and a street cat.
The cat and him sat for the longest time eating from the same
Recently we got to spend time with him just finding out about him.
John is 25 he has been living on the streets since he was 10. He has
been living in the same area all that time. Changing from the left to
the right side of the street. Most time when see him is is high on
shoe glue.
We didn’t see him on Christmas Day, but on Wednesday after prayer
meeting we see him sitting, waving for us to go to him. As usually I
present the sandwiches. John said I have something for you as I give
him the sandwiches he is giving me a box and a sliver purse. He told
me to open it and inside there is a mirror shaped in a heart. John
said it is not much but I want to give you this heart because you gave
me yours. With tears streaming down my face I said thank you John I
will treasure the gifts.. As we drove away a verse came to my mind
Matthew 25:40