It was such a joy to share with God’s people across the country about what the Lord has been doing in and through me in the last 2 years. For example, in the Manos Extendidas Child Sponsorship Program.  In January of 2017, I took on the role as the administer for the Manos CSP. Our hope & prayer is to have sponsors for all the children that are in one of our 2 Manos Extendidas pre-schools, before they are ready to go to public school. Did you know that only 30% of students in Honduras complete High school? Education is a critical part pf the process to help these children (aka. the next generation) escape the cycle of poverty! Our goal is to reach the children at a young age, to help provide them with a chance to develop mentally, physically and develop social awareness in them. To provide them with support, encouragement, education and nourishment, not to mention helping them achieve their dreams! And, of course, for them to have the opportunity to learn about and meet Jesus and the hope & future He brings!

It has been such an honor to be in this position! To be able to walk alongside these children and see the impact of sponsorship on each child and their families. It has been so exciting to see the growth of the Manos Extendidas Child Sponsorship Program over the past two years. For example, we have seen our ministry expand from a little over 35 children being sponsored 2 years ago, to now having over 120 children now with their own sponsors! Praise the Lord! We thank God for each of you who have chosen to impact lives and invest in the Kingdom of God in this way!