Where We Have Been

IT’S OFFICIAL! We have now gone coast-to-coast, from the Atlantic to the Pacific sharing our Honduras Mission in BGC churches. Recently we spent most of March visiting many churches in Alberta and British Columbia. What a joy and privilege to have met so many faithful believers, ministry leaders, and pastors. We appreciate the open doors that have led to the beginning of new relationships. Here is a story that highlights the impact of our travel: During a recent trip, we visited Castledowns Baptist in Edmonton during their morning service. As a result the Lord ignited a fire in people’s hearts and now there is a team already planning a short-term mission trip to Honduras. In Pastor Tim’s words, “I had been trying for months to encourage our church family to consider going on a mission trip, but with little success. Since you have been here our church is abuzz with talk of doing exactly that!” This is extremely exciting for the Castledowns family and for us!

Where We Are At

Thank you for your one-time gifts and for your commitments to partner with us in an ongoing way. Your constant prayers and consistent support is what will make the difference.

  • We are 60% towards our monthly partner support.

AIR MILES It’s amazing when you do the math, but here it is. In the process of connecting with BGC churches, including our upcoming trip to Saskatchewan, we will have travelled approximately:

  • Flying – 30,000 km
  • Driving – 14,000 km

Using donated AIR MILES, we have been able to purchase:

  • 2 return tickets to Montreal
  • 2 return tickets to Edmonton

Your AIR MILES have saved us over $2500 on these two trips alone! THANK YOU! The accumulation of your AIR MILES is making a huge difference and we are planning on using them to purchase our ONE-WAY tickets to Honduras! So don’t leave home without it (AIR MILES card) and use it every chance you get. If you would like more cards to hand out to your friends and family, please contact us and we’ll gladly send you more!

What We Need

Ministry Partners: The only thing that is preventing us from leaving is the completion of our monthly partner support team. This is our area of greatest need. We still need to raise approximately $2,800.00/month. Here are some examples of how easy it could be to complete our financial partnership need:

  • 120 partners @ $25/mo
  • 60 partners @ $50/mo
  • 30 partners @ $100/mo
  • 15 partners @ $200/mo

One-Time Needs

We also have some one-time needs once we are in Honduras:

  • Computer – $1000 (someone donated this in June!)
  • Cell Phone – $300
  • Vehicle (4-wheel drive truck) – $12,000 – $15,000
  • Language Training (8 weeks) – $4000

Please let us know if you could partner monthly or meet one of our one-time needs at: http://mackenziesinhonduras.com/partner

Naty’s Story:

Naty-GordonNaty came to Jesus through the ministry of Alvin Anderson and Manos Extendidas. According to Alvin, he has “been through horrific stuff.” Naty is now a passionate, fully-devoted follower of Jesus and is trying to plant a church in an impoverished community outside of Tegucigalpa. We made a strong connection with Naty and his wife Marta in 2013. Even with the language barrier – he is mi hermano(my brother). Though his spiritual growth has been significant, as a leader he still needs a lot of strategic mentorship and discipleship. He is just one among many that God is calling us to come alongside to support their efforts to reach their own people. Friends of ours recently returned from Honduras and met with Naty and other leaders there. They have affirmed our calling that began the moment we stepped on the ground in Honduras last year. Honduras needs its leaders mentored, counselled, and discipled. If you partner with us we will be able to serve Naty and others like him, so they can mature to be even more effective representatives for God in Honduras

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us today!

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