We arrived at the teaching hospital with some of the Ness Ave team. Alvin turned to me and said Anna I need you to help translate today. Ah Papi do I have to? He said I have confident in you! Please help out!

It was a large group. I thought, I won’t be missed, I can find a room and no one will miss me. Well it wasn’t long and Papi Alvin came and found me. I slowly exit and dragging my feet wishing they wouldn’t move.  As I walked I prayed Lord speak through me, for I don’t feel as confident as Papi is. I started walking down the hall when I heard someone call my name. It was Donna a lady that was on the team from Ness Ave.  As I entered, Donna said please help. As I got closer to the patient and introduced myself, the fear of translating was gone.

Rebecca, is a 34 year old, beautiful woman. Her baby was her 4th child, all boys. My heart ached for her when she told us her story. She traveled by bus for 4 hours and into her 3rd hour her water broke. Having no change of clothes for herself, and she was in heavy labor pains. Donna presented a gift for her and the baby. Rebecca was so thankful. She started to tell us her life story.

Rebecca lives in a 2bedroom house that is shared with 12 family members. There is no running water, no bathroom and only a dirt floor. She said that she is so poor that sometimes they days go without food. She is sad that not one of the children’s fathers are in the children’s lives.

What touched me was the love she showed for her baby. As she lifted him up to her breast she said, “he is a gift from God.” I teared up and said, “Yes he is!”

Sometimes we need to have that push from someone who knows us, to get us out of our comfort zone. To see as Jesus sees, and to be His hands and feet.