I love my visits to the girls jail. Every time is different for me. Today as i entered and signed in I heard voices coming from the doctors office. One was a voice of girl saying, “No! I don’t want to. It will hurt!” I entered the room and saw a girl getting ready for her flu shot. The doctor asked if i had had my flu shot and i told him no. This made the girl laugh and say, “Mommy Anna you need to get your flu shot.” So, I sat down, presented my arm to the doctor and as the needle went in the girl came over to me and held my hand. 

I sat talking with the 3 doctors, and watched as the staff and the girls came in to receive their vaccine. There was one girl that was so scared of needles that she was shaking so bad and was crying. So I hugged her and said “if you take the needle I will give you my USA apple”  I sat her on my lap as one of the doctors showed her the apple and the other doctor gave to the needle. These girls reminded me so much of my daughter Emma Jayne. She always felt like she was going to faint at the sight of needles, but loved the hugs afterward. I did a lot of hand holding today, and loved every minute. I love the girls and it sure feels as though they truly care for me.

At my age I still like to ask questions. As I watched the male doctor, it puzzled me why he didn’t have on a uniform. He was dressed very casual and he had his hat on backwards. He told me that twice a year the government supplies free flu vaccine for Hondurans. Some of the doctors take on the duties of administering the vaccine and they want to make sure that all of the public receives it. Honduras is poor, but here in the capital city there are many different areas, some have good roads, but many are very rough and rocky. So the Doctors go to the public on foot everywhere. Some of these areas are dangerous to go into so the doctors go in undercover The doctor told me that it is easier, and safer, to look like a local than a doctor. Because if you go in looking like a doctor you might be target. 

I thanked the doctors for what they were doing. I then asked them It I could pray for their safety and they said yes. So I prayed for them in their work and we hugged. All in all, a different, interesting day!