Just as I am!

Just as I am!

Growing up, there was always music playing in my house. Listening to music gave me joy when I was sad! It could even give me energy and motivation to clean up my room. One of my best memories listening to music was when I was younger living with my mom and every... read more

Celebrating Love!

I (Anna) awoke this morning at 6:30am when the rays of the morning sun that entered my room. A hug and words “Happy 22nd Anniversary” from my best friend. I started to talk about the first time we met and how Pastor Harold Arbo came into our lives and later married... read more

Dealing with Disappointment

It has been awhile since we wrote about what is happening here with us in Honduras. We could tell you that it was because of the business of having 6 weeks of teams visiting Manos Extendidas but that would only be part of the truth. The truth is we have also been... read more

Who is She?

It is hard sometimes for a team to land and start their mission week right off. Manos Extendidas has a youth group and their leader here for one week. They landed at noon and settled in. We were out on the streets by 7:00pm. It has been rainy of and on all day and we... read more

Connecting Hearts

I (Anna) have exciting news! Yesterday there was a girl from center 2 sponsored by Shelby, a Manos Extendidas summer intern, and another 12 yeasr old youth girl from Center 1 area was sponsored by Pastor Scott Wood. Pastor Scott is from Fredericton,N.B.  He is the... read more

The Runway Life as a Missionary

Our recent visit to La Mosquitia (Puerta Lempira), Honduras has made an imprint on my (Anna) heart. It is an hour and a half away from Tegucigalpa in a small plane. We flew over a beautiful landscape of greens and browns, with rivers twisting in all directions. We... read more

Honduras is known for its coffee! Me, I love starting my day with a fresh cup of my favorite tea but I could not drink it if it wasn’t for my friends in Canada. This tea is only packaged in New Brunswick. I am so thankful that I have enough tea to last me a year. What... read more

Young Lives Being Changed!

When you sponsor a child you become part of something bigger than you. You get to extend your family by loving others and helping them to receive an education, while learn about a different culture and most importantly, being Jesus Hands. I (Anna) have had the... read more

Oh, the Noise!

What a privilege it is to be a servant for Jesus! Each morning as I awake to the crowing of the roosters, I smile and give thanks for another day to be His hands and feet! I then enjoy my quite time with a hot cup of King Cole tea and reading my devotions, and talk to... read more

Happy New Year!

It is 7:30, New Years Eve. We had just arrived at the girl’s jail. We roll our darken windows down so the guard sees our faces. The guard welcomes us with a big smile and opens the door for us. We sign in and wait for Nelly.  We see that one of the guards has left and... read more

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