When someone smiles at you do you smile back? Did you know that a smile is contagious. You can’t help but smile back. sometimes your smile becomes a laugh and if you are like me that laugh will bring tears of joy!

it was the 3rd week of school for Manos Extendidas kindergarten I was there for a visit to meet the new studentsI

As I enter the area of the kitchen I was met by a bright little girl. I asked her “what was her name?” She said her name is Bethel. I found out that she is 7 years old. I then asked her why she wasn’t in school.

She looked to the ground and said I have never been to school. My mom can’t afford to send me. Bethel looked at me me and said I would love to go and learn! I want to meet friends!

I found out it was too late her to start the public school year. So my plan was to get some teaching books and help her with the basics. I went back the next week with some supplies and as she received each item her smile grew. When Bethel held the new markers she laughed out loud and said are these mine? I have never had my own markers. I gave her 3 new pencils, note book to write and an activity book to learn to print. She yelled and said thank you Anna. well we both had tears as we hugged.

The following week I went to see how she was doing. I didn’t see her in the yard. I decided to visit the teacher in the class room to see if I could help some of the students. As I went to the first table I noticed all the students in their white and green uniforms with their heads down and printing in their books. The teacher came up to me and said Anna I invited Bethel to join our class. Yes! she will make friends and she will learn!

This is what’s happening now! Bethel is in the Manos Extendidas program this year. We are all praying that while she is in the there that she receives a sponsor. We are praying that she will have her dream come true. To learn lots and make many more friends!

For $40 a month Bethel will receive school supplies, uniform and a healthy lunch