It is hard sometimes for a team to land and start their mission week right off. Manos Extendidas has a youth group and their leader here for one week. They landed at noon and settled in. We were out on the streets by 7:00pm.

It has been rainy of and on all day and we knew that we would not see as many people as we are used to see.
We rely on the light of the moon for our first stop it is in an alleyway off the Main Street, however because of the clouds we had to put our car lights on.

I stood back and watched as the youth interacted with the children. They were picking them up and playing with them. It is so easy to love on the children.

As we leave there are stops that we hand out to the others.

One of the stops is by the park that is close to a church. We walk around and invite the locals to come around the corner and receive food. It is at this spot the Daniel lives. He has become very special in Gordon’s life and mine.

I watch as he runs to us with open arms. He stops and greets us with a big hug.He says mommy I am cold. Gordon goes to the car and gets his wind jacket for him. Telling Daniel it is for him not to sell for drugs and we will see him another time this week.

Our last stop of the night is an area that is all youth. As we pull up they are calling for Papi Alvin. This group touches my heart the most I am sad to watch as they stagger to the van because they are so high from the drugs they take to ease their pain of hunger, loneliness.

As I look around I see a young woman zigzagging across the street with a plastic bag. She is inhaling it ever so slowly. She breaks and yells. Mommy Anna. I look and said who is she? I watched as she came closer and closer. I noticed first her shirt is inside out and her ripped jeans. As she comes closer. I took my hands to her face and looked in her eyes.
I started to tear-up I know who she was! What happened? I haven’t seen her in almost 5 months. I first met her in the girls jail. Her heart was healing because of Jesus. She always looked like a princess. Looking forward to be release and starting a new chapter in her life with her son.

For over 2 years I have been watching her die from the inside out. When she lift the jail. She lived with her mom and son, but the streets were calling her. It wasn’t long with her mom and she returned to the streets.

As I stood with her last night in my arms with my sweater wrapped around her. I heard one of the visiting youth asked do you like princesses?

Before she answered I said she is a princess in God’s eye! She said no Anna I am a princess to drugs. I had to look away as I held her and rocked her back and forth for a bit. Later I unwrapped my sweater from her and let her go back to her kingdom!

I am Praying for the day that she can be released from her dungeon.