When you sponsor a child you become part of something bigger than you. You get to extend your family by loving others and helping them to receive an education, while learn about a different culture and most importantly, being Jesus Hands. I (Anna) have had the opportunity for the last 3 weeks to meet children & families that are already sponsored, as well as other children & families that would love to have that experience. I have been invited into their homes and enjoyed times filled with love, hugs and laughter. The best day was when I got to tell a girl that she has a new sponsor from Canada. Walking up to her she was so cute with her dirt-smudged face, running around, playing outside with her friends. Then she called for her mom, and told her that she was sponsored. The mom started to cry raised her hands in the air and thanked God for answered prayers. I told mom that I needed to take a picture of her and her daughter to send to their new sponsors. The mom laughed and said, “first I need to clean her up”! This little girl is a princess, a true child of God! What a wonderful feeling & blessing to watch this girl, for the first time, eat lunch at the sponsored table.

After lunch I visited another family that is waiting for a sponsor for their son David. The house is made of scraps of wood, has 2 rooms and a dirt floor. I first met David 2 years ago. He has the biggest heart for others and is always wanting to help his mom and dad. His mom asked me if there was a sponsor for him. I said I am praying and working on it. She wants David to go to school when he is finished kindergarten but she said that financially they cannot do it. In other words, without help it’s just not possible! This hard working family’s small income comes from making & selling platino chips. If and when David gets sponsored, it will be a tremendous help to the family. With a sponsor’s help and support David will be able to have the uniforms he will need to go to school. He will receive a healthy lunch every day and when he is sick, he will be able to see a doctor. Please pray for a sponsor for David!






I want to end with a touching quote from a letter that I received from a sponsor tonight. She said, “Anna I wanted to say that I have been sponsoring my girl for over 11 years. I have watched her develop into a beautiful young lady. The best picture I have of her is from the first day when she started public school. She looks forward to the letters. I want to know how she is! I would love to have a picture and letter from her!” I love my work administering the Manos Extendidas Child Sponsorship Program! Serving these children and their families.

 Please if you are sponsoring a child, take a minute and send them a letter. The children are always asking about their sponsors and love to receive letters. The Manos Extendidas kindergarten schools will be opening for a new year in February and I am aware of over 25 children & families looking for sponsors. Can you find it in your heart to help change a child’s future?